Protect Your Brand, Reputation and Revenue Against Counterfeits.

Smarter Closures from UNITED CAPS feature new consumer-friendly packaging and security innovations that make it easy to quickly identify a genuine product.

They comprise of a portfolio of solutions including holographic and QR+ technologies that offer brand owners the tools they need to enhance consumer confidence.

Protecting Your Brand.

We enable great businesses to enhance trust in their goods and supply chain.

The Future is Transparent

More and more shoppers are checking the origin of their products, they are increasingly committed to positive social and environmental impact and they place a high value on brands they can trust.

The Technologies

We’ve partnered with some of the worlds most advanced technologies in the development of our smarter closures ensuring integrations that offer the outstanding performance you expect from a UNITED CAPS closure coupled with advanced security features.


Secure QR+ codes involve a copy proof QR+ graphic being printed onto a non-removable in-mould label. On the shelf and in transit when scanned with a smart phone the item is instantly authenticated, providing both reassurance and an elevated level of consumer interactivity.

With every scan data is collected, providing brand owners with an inbuilt early warning system that highlights hot spots of counterfeiting activity.

QR+ turns your product into an “Internet of Things” ambassador, connecting your product to the internet offering a world of possibilities for engagement, interactivity and marketing for imaginative brands.

Holographic Technologies

Holographic technologies are integrated into your closure forming an intrinsic and irremovable security feature.

Utilising highly secure Passport level technology, our holographic solution has at a glance features that provide immediate verification for consumers with no need for additional scanners or other equipment.

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