Introducing GREENER Closures

Our new UNITED CAPS range of GREENER closures don’t just look good. They do good.

Made from plant-based plastics rather than petroleum-based plastic. They’re developed from sugarcane which absorbs CO2 and helps to reduce harmful greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

Future Generations

We didn’t inherit the planet from our parents. It’s on loan from our children.

As a family business nothing matters more to us than the next generation. So at UNITED CAPS, we believe that our closures should differentiate today and sustain tomorrow.

What are Bio-sourced plastics?

Using bio-sourced plastics is like growing your plastic closures, rather than digging for them.

Simply put, bio-sourced plastics are plastic made from natural products such as corn starch and sugarcane rather than produced from oil extraction.

They’ve actually been around for over 100 years and were even on the original Model T Ford.

Performance wise, bio-sourced plastics are indistinguishable from traditional plastic.

The Science

Plants like sugarcane absorb CO2 from the air as they grow. It’s a way nature finds to fight against greenhouse effects.

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide trap heat, contributing to global warming disrupting our planets delicate ecology.

The ethanol from sugarcane goes through a dehydration process and is transformed into green ethylene. The green ethylene then goes to polymerisation plants where it is transformed into polyethylene, the plastic made from sugarcane.

The Products

The differentiation and outstanding innovation you expect from UNITED CAPS are delivered in our range of GREENER closures because bio-sourced plastic closures are indistinguishable from traditional closures in their performance.

This means as well as current products like our IN, PROFLATSEAL and VICTORIA closures, all manner of alternatives are possible. Let’s have a conversation about making your closures greener!

What more are UC doing?

We have teams continually assessing our products, processes and supply chain tasked with identifying and implementing sustainable options. These activities have led to tangible improvements in carbon footprints for both ourselves and our customers.

Thanks to a strong focus on production consistency, we operate in a virtually waste free environment and leverage our 79 years experience working with plastics to empower our customers with the ability to make sustainable choices.

The Future

We can all do more.

The main solution to plastics waste is better waste collection and recycling. Please lobby your local representatives to recycle rather than using landfill.


Bio-sourced plastic is a substance made from organic biomass sources, unlike conventional plastics which are made from petroleum

Degradable Plastic.  The word “degradable” just means that something breaks down. Technically, all plastic is degradable plastic.  You can break it with a hammer. You can grind it into a fine powder.  This all counts as “breaking down” the plastic, and therefore (technically) “degrading” the plastic.

Biodegradable Plastic.  When something is biodegradable, it means it is degradable, but it also means something more: it means that it can be broken down by the metabolism by micro-organisms. Our GREENER closures do not have biodegradable features, but perfectly fit all recycling streams.

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